9:30 Sunday School Classes

Christian Fellowship – Room 111
We are a welcoming class of couples, singles, parents, and grandparents who come together for a weekly dose of fellowship, learning, and laughter.  We tackle a variety of subjects, from Bible study to topical issues.  Our approach is Wesleyan:  We believe the living core of Christian faith is revealed in Scripture, informed by tradition, confirmed by reason, and brought to life by personal experience.  Come join us anytime!
Encouragers – Room 112
A group who digs deeply into Scripture to discover what is REALLY in the Bible.  Using sermon notes, commentaries and discussion, they use lessons to apply God’s teaching to every day life. 

“I’m in the Encouragers. We are currently studying The Call. While Larry Vesey is not the class lead, he is the one to communicate about lesson planning. We will be taking a break during Lent to do the 5 Means of Grace study.”

– Robin Comfort

Friendship – Room 110
The Friendship Class members are seniors, who are young at heart; friendly with lots of laughter, fellowship & hymn singing.
Good News – Room 136
We are made up from a variety of families and age groups, who meet together, fellowship together, and learn in a number of ways to strengthen our walk with Jesus Christ. Think of our class as a friendly launching pad, as we discuss topics that grow our faith through learning & service, on subjects that are timely, timeless, and of interest to the group. Come join us!
Open Door – Room 134
Unique blend of biblically based study and open discussion. We are a small & friendly class and as our name suggests, open to all for a visit or to join!
Shook Seekers – Room 132
A dedicated study group who begins each morning with breakfast & we are a very close knit loving group who provides prayer and support within and outside our church.

Cornerstone- Room 109

This group digs deep by studying topics such as, “Life Lessons Book 1 of 2”, by Max Lucado. 

11:00 Sunday School Class

Soncatchers – Room 109
Members of this class are encouraged, enabled, and empowered to live active Christian lives and be witnesses of Christ for others. Right now, we are studying Job. Come join us!
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