A Uniquely Spoken Life

Toward the end of his life Rich Mullins said, “I think we cry at funerals—even at funerals of people we don’t like—because we realize what a miracle a life is. You realize, ‘This will never happen again.’ There will never be this exact combination of genes, there will never again be the things that have created this person to be what he or she is. God has spoken uniquely here, and it’s gone. It’s over. And I think there’s some regret, because we all realize, boy, we didn’t pay enough attention.”
Excerpt from:  An Arrow Pointing to Heaven
Rich Mullins:  A Devotional Biography
by Brennan Manning & James Bryan Smith 
Introductions aren’t supposed to grab your thoughts.  That’s chapter !  But every now and then …  When I pulled it up on iBooks, I glanced down at the bottom and saw “Suggested For You”.  And there it was.  An Arrow Pointing to Heaven.  I clicked on the sample and began reading.  The above excerpt was close to the last thing I read before tapping on the BUY.   
I’m not sure of the exact context in which Rich Mullins said these words.  Maybe he was in a season of funerals to which I can at times relate to as a pastor.  Nevertheless, what intrigued me was the idea that God uniquely speaks to life. 
Isn’t that fascinating! 
Have you ever considered your life as uniquely spoken from God? 
A game changer, right? 
But wait, there is more … if we open ourselves to this idea.  Not only is my life uniquely spoken, but so is the person who is reading this.  So is the person sitting next to you, across from you, or behind you.  So is …, well, keeping it simple and to the point, … so is every human on this planet.   
That’s more than a game changer!  That’s a life changer … full of possibilities to change our life and the lives of those around us.  And honestly, don’t we need change?   Change not on some grand scale.  Simple change.  Honest conversations.  Being present without a cell phone at the ready.  Looking for God’s voice to speak from another. 
Letting God’s voice speak over ours …