About Face


I don’t always get to see the faces when I preach ...


Not only did I love Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon from last Saturday’s Royal Wedding; I loved seeing the faces of worship.


Smiles, jeers, tears, blank stares, eyes closed, wide eyed inspired, that look that says “when will it be over”, etc and etc … we saw them all on Saturday. Make no mistake, there is something about a face in worship that we just can’t hide no matter how large our hats are or how many pages are in the program or hymnal.


Our face reveals it all.


Worship is about face.


And someone is watching.


I wish that every sermon was on point. Good Lord knows that when I preach I try. Some rise to the occasion and a good many … well, you know. But I have discovered this. Whenever I have thought that I have written a really good sermon, often it drops on the ears like a lead balloon. And then there are the times when I write something and its’ not my words. Hmmm …


I wish that every worship service had inspiring music. My favorite hymns or praise songs … but every now and then a new praise song or an unfamiliar hymn comes along and the words capture my heart. My soul lifts with every note and the music ceases to be about me. Hmmm …


I could go on and on. We have the subjects of liturgy, how the sacraments of communion and baptism lengthen the service, sitting in “my” pew or chair, the long pastoral prayer where they pray for everyone on the prayer list, and keeping the service to an hour …


What if worship wasn’t so dictated by our faces and was more about seeking after and discovering God’s face. Would that change our face? Would we become less the critic and more the servant. After all, isn’t it called the worship SERVICE?


Maybe we need an about face when it comes to our ideas of worship.