Hard to Believe

It’s hard for me to believe that yesterday I woke up on the east coast and this morning I am waking up on the west coast. Hard to believe because it must mean that I actually got into an airplane after 30 years (almost to the day) of not flying AND … I survived not one but two flights. Hard to believe that I accomplished such a feat without any drugs or overly priced but friendly beverages.

Yes Virginia, there is a place called California and it is beautiful. Especially as the sun comes up on this Tuesday morning where oddly I woke up at the same time … 5:30 am. The good news is that I did hit pacific time.

I really do wish you were here with me because everyone needs a vacation from their work.

Well, wait a minute … you say … your work is the business of faith.

Yes … yes it is. But I have news for you … faith isn’t a business. Faith is a journey and it is a great one at that! I won’t be vacationing from faith. I expect that my faith over the next few days is going to rival some of the altitudes that we reached yesterday in a very bumpy plane ride. And I expect a descent and a landing at some point too.

Let’s face it, we have mountains and valleys in this journey called life. All somehow work together. The key is to be open and to become aware. Be open to the twists and turns … which is why I am here in California. Become aware because in our becoming we experience what it means to be human … which is to say that we discover that many things really aren’t that hard to believe because of our faith in the goodness and grace of God.

“Faith isn’t something that is downloaded into a brain like antivirus software onto a desktop. It is about lived experiences. Faith doesn’t run deep because one is stuffed with right answers. It is cultivated by asking the right questions. Faith is about journey, experience, movement, and process. It is about adventure. And one thing we know about adventure is that there are moments of pain, regret, wounds, suspense, and questioning.” – Philip Yancey

Let the adventure begin …