We’re Glad You’re Here!
New to GBUMC? 

Thank you for “clicking” and for “checking” out the Great Bridge United Methodist Church website. In today’s often busy world, we search for two important things; connection and lift.
I remember my first time driving around in the Great Bridge community. I was in a rush to get from point A to point B. I came to the ‘Great Bridge’ bridge. Lights were flashing. The warning sirens were blowing. The gates were down. I was fascinated as I watched this monstrous steel bridge lift high into the air. Unable to go any further, I looked up. I took a deep breath and actually listened to the music playing on my radio. And as odd as it may sound, I regrouped. I felt a lift to my soul.
The sirens belted out their warning on last time. The gates started to go up and the bridge began to descend. The light turned green and I was off again … able to connect with the other side, getting to point B just fine!
Many churches will say that they are “great” and it is my belief that many are! Not many are able to say that they are “Great Bridge.” Here you will find a community of Christians seeking, discovering connection, and lift every day. Connecting to God through worship, fellowship, learning, and mission. The exact things that the first followers of Jesus did two thousand years ago. Here you will find that spiritual and emotional lift that is so important to our lives.
Thanks again for “checking”, and may I encourage you to “click” your way through our website; discovering ways to connect and be lifted!
                                                                         God bless you!
                                                                                                                                                        Tim Craig
                                                                                                                                                        Senior Pastor                 
Frequently Asked Questions
traditional service — 8am & 11am
contemporary service   —   9:30am
What is worship like?
Each Sunday at GBUMC, you’ll find a friendly and relaxed environment that offers worshipful music and a relevant message.  Our printed worship guide provides you with details regarding the worship outline and announcements, We are truly a “come as you are” church.
Our Traditional services at 8AM and 11AM include worship with traditional liturgy, and music is led by one of our choirs, and accompanied by piano or organ. 
Our 9:30AM Contemporary service offers current praise music, led by our GBUMC Praise Band with acoustic and electric instruments, such as guitar, bass, piano, vocals, and drums.
Regardless of which service you attend, you receive the same message from our Pastors.
What should I wear? 
We are a “come as you are” church!  Suit and tie, jeans, shorts, & flip-flops are all welcomed. 
Wear your favorite attire and let’s worship together!
What about a nursery? 
Nursery care is offered during all 3 worship services for children under the age of 3.  
What about my children and Sunday School?
At GBUMC, your children are our priority!  Our nursery and children’s ministry both offer students a clean and safe environment that is staffed by caring volunteers.  Students will participate in activities that are God-focused. 
Sunday School is offered for children Pre-K through fifth grade.  Each child will be checked in by an adult through our Check-In Kiosk and will receive a unique identification sticker for each child to wear through Sunday School. The adult must present a matching identification sticker in order to pick up a child. 
Youth Ministry is available for students grades 6-12.
All staff and adult helpers must pass a thorough background check in order to serve with our Children’s Ministry and Youth programs.

Additional questions?

We’d love to hear from you!
(757) 482-1049