Recovering Faith In Each Other

The email subject line simply read “HELP”.  One sentence followed: “Pastor, I’m losing my faith and I need help recovering it.”
Thank God I didn’t respond back with an email. I would have messed up royally with impersonal communication.  Instead, we met face to face and enjoyed some coffee. We talked about current events and the toll that it was taking on the soul.  “I just want to escape all of the judgement and negativity.  What I am seeing and hearing has my head full of questions and I am thinking that I want to walk away.”
And here I thought that I was going to have to explain the four spiritual laws or Wesley’s understanding of grace.
There’s a fine line between losing and questioning one’s faith.  One might suggest that losing faith begins with questioning faith.  On the other hand, faith may be strengthened, reborn or renewed by a good question or two.
What are current events revealing to us?
Anger and frustration … are we in danger of these emotions getting the best of us?  
As we took the last sips of our coffee, we both agreed that the best way of keeping the faith was to try our hardest to love one another and put love into action as best we could.  We committed to look for the best in others through thought and deed.  
Perhaps the best way of keeping the faith is to be found in the recovery of our faith in each other by loving one another as Christ has loved us and loves us still.