The Lost Art of Remembering

As summer comes to an end, you no doubt have some photos that are saved somewhere on your phone.  You scroll and scroll.  Up and Down.  Where oh where did your pictures go?  So concerned about finding your saved photos, you can’t remember the stories behind the pictures.  
“This dang old phone!  You can never trust the cloud!!  I hate this thing!!! I can never find what I am looking for!!!!  So much for saving!!!!!”
At this point, your listener is backing away.  Their desire to see and hear is gone.  All they want to do is escape.  
“Wait!  Don’t leave yet! I know they are here somewhere!!!  I saved them!!!!”
In my crazy head, I started thinking about the difference between saving and remembering.  
I watched the above play out at a restaurant table in front of me.  Trying not to stare as the person hurled more insults at their iPhone and their listener started subtly dropping hints that they had to go, I looked at Luke 23:39-43.  It is the passage where Jesus is crucified between two criminals. 
You may recall that one criminal, after hurling insults, cries out, “save yourself and us!”  The other criminal rebukes this statement and says, “Jesus remember me when you come into your kingdom.”
Like the flash from a camera, I instantly and unexpectedly had a blinding revelation. T here is beauty in remembering.  Remember your baptism.  When you eat this bread and drink from this cup; remember.  “Today you will be with me in paradise.”  
Do we remember any more in church? Or are we too busy scrolling through salvation?  Trying so hard to find something in the cloud when what is really important is there in the heart.  A heart that God has designed to remember.  What would happen if the church became a place where we asked Jesus to remember us first?  Would our scrolling be less?  Would our sharing of the Gospel be more?