Too Much Caffeine

Through the winds of conversation, I heard about a tale of no sanctuary granted to coffee. Coffee drinkers were welcomed but no coffee cups please. Another case of the ridiculous “love the sinner but hate the sin” right? 


The “practice” of drinking coffee in the sanctuary has given church folk yet another reason to be divided. Reverence verses relevance. Relevance verses respect. Cream and sugar verses straight up black. (How did that get in there?)


The truth of our verses these days is that we have too much caffeine running through our veins. We are too quick and too eager. Bandwagons come and go. Some advice to the over caffeinated, we don’t always have to jump on them. In fact, sometimes it is better to watch and just listen to the music. And in our listening we might discovery a rhythm of greater purpose. 


Coffee isn’t the first of debated “things” brought into a sanctuary. Drums, guitars, organs, pews, statues, hymnals, flags, art, and clocks have all had their moments. And the debate sometimes hasn’t just been about things. Certain people have been debated over. 


I need to correct what I just wrote. Certain people are being debated over still. 


According to the dictionary, a sanctuary is a place of refuge or safety. As such, the sanctuary becomes sacred because … 


Because …. there’s our answer. 


The “because” reveals it all … our understanding of what is sacred. And what is sacred or holy is best understood in the person and work of Jesus.


As Jesus showed us, the holiness of God is not found in a physical building or for that matter a coffee cup. Rather, holiness is found in our awakening to the presence of God pumping through our veins. The sacred will always be a matter of the heart.  


Revealing the heart of God is a must for we who follow Jesus. It is our calling and our great commission. And know this … some will take cream and sugar and some will not … but what is important is this … all will be invited to taste and see that the Lord is good!