When Windex Won’t Do

Knock, knock …


Who in their right mind actually says “who’s there” anymore? Especially when weird strange folk knock or ring the doorbell! Folk who’s skin color is different. Folk who were bused in on air conditioned busses. Folk who had on the green shirts and said, “can we pray for you?”


I’m amazed that any one opened the door.


Amazed that some door openers stepped out onto the porch and prayed with us hand in hand. Amazed by their requests.


One lady wanted us to pray that her family “stayed with the Lord, came back to the Lord or would find the the Lord.” When we asked for names she simply said, “too many to name.” She had 10 children and 119 grand, great grand and great, great grandchildren. Thankfully God knows their names well!


Another woman said that we made her day. She was feeling anxious as her due date for her first baby was any day now. She came out on the porch and we prayed for her and her unborn child. We asked, “what will the name be?” She replied, “I’ll know the name when I see his or her face.” Amen.


I was deeply touched that one woman brought out an 8 by 10 portrait of her son. She wanted us to see his face too. He would have been 35 on that Saturday. That’s right would have been … would have been if a bullet had not ended his life six years earlier.


Then there was the woman who opened her front door but kept the glass door locked. She asked for a prayer of strength for her faith walk. “Pray that I stay strong.” She didn’t open the glass door and so we “touched” hands through the glass. And she has been on my heart ever since.


A handprint on the window of my prayer life.


I can’t shake it.


I can’t wipe it away … this prayer cry for strength in a crime riddled neighborhood where grandmothers and great grandmothers worry about the salvation of their family tree, where mothers grieve the loss of their children and new mothers wait in anticipation and desire prayers of hope for a future.


These are trying times for many and the struggle to keep the faith is real. We all know don’t we? And so, the common ground that we all desire is this struggle. A struggle that will give way to strength when we come alongside each other and cry out to the Lord who hears our prayers! Our witness, be it good or bad, always leaves a print behind.